Why Karmay?

Why choose Karmay Tours:

  • Karmay Tours creates a lifetime of trips.
  • Karmay Tours aspires to show Bhutan in her truest form.
  • Karmay Tours focuses on specialized trips.
  • Karmay Tours present their family heritage homes and private temples.
  • Karmay Tours offer tour itineraries highly personalized.
  • Karmay Tours strives for quality service and value for money
  • Karmay Tours is confident to be the ultimate, unique and responsible tour operator in Bhutan.

We offer our guests: 

  • walks in the mountain;
  • talks with local historians and culture practitioners;
  • visit to the homes of the tour operators
  • participate in home cooking of the local dishes
  • experience a day in the life of the locals
  • experience the joy of giving –offer breakfast to nuns and monks.
  • Peaceful mediation –respite from the busy technology Era.