Realm of the Fauna Queen {8nights}

Realm of Fauna 1The Realm of the Fauna Queen is Karmay Tours’s name for the Jumolhari Trek. Jumo is the guardian of all the animals. This female deity is worshipped by the farmers so that the domestic animals thrive well. The celebration of Jumo rituals have become fewer however as modernity envelopes the nation. There are peaks where the believers revere as the residences of the Jumo deities. Of many the regions like Dagala range and Jumolhari peak in western Bhutan and Merak in the eastern part are the still popular.

Jumolhari trek is designed so that Karmay Tours can take you to the realm of Jumo. The citadel of the deity Jumo is the great peak of Jumolhari. Lhari in local language means the ridge of the gods. For nature worshipping animists of Bhutan the forces of nature such as wind, water, forests, cliffs, peaks and many to name are considered gods. Therefore the sacred Jumolhari trek, as Karmay Tours puts in, is a trek into the realms of the fauna queen. This trek reveals great mountain views, nomads, yaks and several high altitude animals. Blue sheep {Bharal} is plenty which harbours the survival of the endangered snow leopard. The golden marmots bask with yaks in the autumn sun as the rare Tibetan wolf scans the valley. Rare Himalayan birds and flowers are a treat during the late spring (May to early June).

Realm of Fauna 2This alpine zone comprises shrubs of rhododendron species, mountain willow but has many flowering herbs such as the Meconopsis, Cordalis, Erysium, Thylacospermum, Arenaria, Stellaria, Impatiens, Potentilla, Bergenia, Parnassia, Saxifraga, Rhadiola, Cortiella, Cortia, Heracleum, Aster, Leontopodium, Soroseris, Saussurea, Pendicularis, Primula, Gentiana, Pheum, Dactylohiza, Nardostachys, Allium and many more. The alpine zone is also yak grazing region which conflicts with Blue Sheep (Pseudois nayaur) and Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia). Marmots, Wild Dogs and bird species such the tragopan (pheasants), grouse, finch, griffon, snowcock, partridge do frequent this kind of zone. It is a trekker’s delight to have a chance to see these including the elusive Snow Leopard (for lucky trekkers only).

 Trek Highlights:

  • An outstanding journey
  • Great Mountain views
  • Enjoy moments with the nomads
  • Nature’s delight such as rare snow leopard sighting.


  • Tented camping/all meals/guides/horses or yaks for baggage.

Trek Grade:

  • Moderate to challenging
  • Maximum altitude 4820m at Yale La Pass
  • Highest average camp altitude: 4000m


Day 01:                 Trek Paro/Shana. Covering 15km in 5/6 hours.

Day 02:                 Trek Shana/Soi Zam, trekking almost 22km in 8/9 hours.

Day 3:                    Trek to Jangothang Basecamp with an average of 17km taking close to 6 hours.

Day 04 :                Rest day & acclimatization. Explore the lake of Tsurpu or visit nomad’s homes.

Day 05:                 Jangothang – Lingshi 18km in 7-8 hours.

Day 06:                 Lingshi – Shodu 22km in 8-9 hours.

Day 07:                Shodu – Barshong, 16km in 5/-6 hours.

Day 08:                 Barshong – Dolam Kencho 15km in 5-6 hours.

Day 09:                 Dolam Kencho – Dodena – Thimphu, 8km in 3 hours.


Add 3-5 nights for acclimatization and cultural tours.

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