Walking with the Dragon

Walking with dragon 1

Karmay Tours brings this distinct program. The highlight of this trip is to see the country on foot. We take you through scenic places that are alive with local cultures. We have excellent heritage homes belonging to our family. The walks will take you through farms, mountains, monasteries and through areas where most visitors have not been. Karmay Tours’ philosophy of low carbon footprint is realised through this program.

Skeletal Itinerary:

Day 01:           Fly into Bhutan and drive Thimphu.Walking with Dragon 2

Day 02:           Thimphu walk.

Day 03:           Thimphu walk.

Day 04:           Drive to Punakha.

Day 05:           Punakha walk.

Day 06:           Punakha walk.            

Day 07:           Drive Paro.

Day 08:           Paro walk.

Day 09:           Walk to Tiger Nest

Day 10:           Exit Bhutan.

Detailed itinerary is available from dremethwangmo@gmail.com