The Black Regent’s Trail {4nights}

Black Regent's Trails 1

This trek is popularly known as Druk Path. Karmay Tours call it the “Black Regent’s Trail” to awaken the nostalgia from the time of First King’s father. Motor roads came to Bhutan only in the 1960s. The Black Regent alais Jigme Namgyal lived during the late 19th century. It was during his time that trails were used the most on foot. The so called Royal Route ran all the way from extreme western to that of the eastern Bhutan. He used the trails frequently while trying to bring the Bhutanese rule under one hand. Throughout the trail we see little chortens and cairns used as trail markers. At rest points there were houses for night halts. In the absence of houses caves were used. In the year 1907 the nation came under one power and hereditary monarchy was established. These trails were used well during the two first kings. In the reign of the third king motor roads were built. The country was mostly connected by roads during the era of the fourth king. Now, in the reign of the fifth King, the Royal Routes have become favorite trekking

Of the many trails, Karmay Tour picks the Druk Path for you as it is the safest high altitude treks in Bhutan. We pass through old Jeli Dzong that once served as the meat store for the medieval officials of Thimphu. The Bhutanese love wind-dried meat especially pork. Jeli Dzong situated at an altitude of 3400m above sea level served as the best cold storage. If run in April and May, Karmay Tours offers sighting of monal pheasants (an endangered species of bird in the Himalayas).

Karmay Tours has some spicing secrets that will remain memorable. We will offer some highlights that remain as Karmay Tours’ signature only revealed to you.

Trek Highlights:

  • Safest trek route in case of evacuation due to altitude sickness
  • Great Mountain views
  • Enjoy moments with the monks at Phajoding
  • Nature’s delight around the lakes
  • Historical and star watching on clear sky nights

 Tented camping/all meals/guides/horses or yaks for baggage.

Trek Grade:

  • Moderate to challenging
  • Maximum altitude 4210m at Dupchhu La Pass
  • Highest average camp altitude: 3700m


Day 01:                 The trek begins, Paro/ Jili Dzong covering 12km trek in 5/6 hours.

Day 02:                 Jili Dzong/ Rawana trekking 11km in 5/6 hours.

Day 03:                 Rawana/ Janetso Lake covering 15km in 6/7hours.

Day 04:                 Janetso/Phajoding trekking 16km in 6/7hrs.


Add 3-5 nights for acclimatization and cultural tours.

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