Meditation trip to Bhutan

Meditation 1Meditation is a practice where by the person synchronizes the mind and body.  In simple words it is the harmonizing of the mind.  It is also perceived as following of the mind.  There is much interpretation just as we have different approaches to Buddhism.  In Bhutan the meditation is practiced in several ways. You would experience the local way of meditating which is simple yet powerful.

Baelandra a scared place in Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag is considered as an important door to Baeyul (Hidden Village or the Paradise)It is believed that Baeyul inhabitants use the sensory organs to satisfy thirst and hunger. A visit to Baelandra for meditation would let you experience the belief that paradises exit in our minds and may be this meditation trip will help us harness it. Meditation 2There are other sacred meditation sites in Bhutan but the most historical ones are those used by Guru Padma. The most important being the Taktsang and Kurjee caves.  On this trip Karmay Tours has chosen these two places as the highlights along with Baelandraand  Alternatively we can let you experience a unique mediation at a private owned temple where meditation can be done amidst serene surrounding and complete seclusion, few hours’ drive from the Capital city of Thimphu. The Temple is Kunzang Dechen Lhakhang 300 years old and seat of a well-known Lama.

Day 01:           Fly into Bhutan and drive to  Thimphu.

Day 02:           Thimphu program overnight at the private temple

Day 03:           Drive to Punakha.

Day 04:           Punakha program.

Day 05:           Baelandra program and overnight Gangtey Gompa.

Day 06:           Drive to Bumthang.   

Day 07:           Bumthang program.

Day 08:           Drive back to Punakha.overnight in Punakha

Day 9               Drive to Paro and program.

Day 10:           Tiger Nest program.

Day 11:           Exit Bhutan.

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